Singing with Ma





A lot of my life ended up in the pages of SPELLCAST. Like Maggie Graham, I grew up in Wilmington, Delaware, began performing at an early age, and – after a series of jobs in educational administration – ran away to the theatre.


I worked all over the place, including the Southbury Playhouse (a converted barn), Fort Salem Theatre (a converted church) and the City Line Dinner Theatre (a converted used car showroom). I met my husband while performing opposite him in the comedy Bedroom Farce. I attacked him with a table lamp. He threw me onto the floor. We’ve been together ever since.


CandideI gave up acting to write for the musical theatre, starting with song lyrics for children’s shows and eventually, book and lyrics for two full-length musicals. Meanwhile, I worked as a retail store clerk, an accounts receivable manager, a merchandising director, and a temp, eventually landing at a non-profit organization that ran a telephone helpline. (Shades of Maggie again.)


Eventually, I returned to fiction. It was Sheila Gilbert, my editor at DAW, who suggested I draw on my theatre background to create the novel that became SPELLCAST. God forbid I think of it myself.


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