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Joshua Palmatier


He's ba-a-ck!  And this time, he's wearing a new hat.  


Hey! Joshua Palmatier here, speaking on behalf of my partner in crime Patricia Bray. We're authors - both with day jobs and our own novels to write - but we decided that we didn't have enough work to do and got into editing anthologies. We found the process of wrangling authors and ordering cats around to be far too exciting and fun to quit after just two anthologies. With that in mind, I created the new small press called Zombies Need Brains LLC, whose sole purpose (at the moment) is to publish professional-quality science fiction and fantasy themed anthologies. 

We're proud to announce our first anthology, titled Clockwork Universe: Steampunk vs. Aliens, which will be edited by (surprise, surprise) Patricia Bray and Joshua Palmatier! Fourteen (or more) stories of how, when aliens reach Earth, they encounter the clockwork mechanisms and Victorian sensibilities of a full-blown steampunk civilization. It's first contact with a twist. Steam power meets laser cannons. Dirigibles face off against flying saucers! 

The genesis for this idea was Patricia Bray's obsession with Daniel Craig; it had nothing to do with Joshua Palmatier's obsession with Daniel Craig. 

We've already lined up a stellar group of "anchor" authors who've committed to writing a short story for the anthology, including Scott Lynch, Seanan McGuire, Ian Tregillis, Gini Koch, Bradley Beaulieu, Gail Z. Martin, and Caitlin Kittredge. The rest of the available spots in the table of contents will be filled out with stories by other published authors in the field, selected by the editors. All of the stories will be original, never-before-published takes on this theme. And we've already gotten the rights to use the artwork Steampunk Octopus by Alex Broeckel for the cover art! 

The Kickstarter for this project exceeded its minimum goal of $10,000, reaching more than $15,000. Thanks to all of our backers and everyone who helped spread the word. 

We look forward to bringing you great anthology reads for years to come! Because zombies need brains. (And we want the freshest, most stimulated brains for our consumption when the apocalypse hits.)



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